​​Member Responsibilities
  • $40 annual membership fee
  • Attend potluck gatherings one Sunday per month (at least 5X or more per year)
  • Volunteer and participate at events, initiatives and projects (at least 3X per year)
  • Ensure that new and existing members feel welcomed, included and valued
  • Apply for/assume Director roles
  • Join and engage in planning committees
  • Regularly promote CWS, it's values and its initiatives (e.g. social media, email, word of mouth, etc)
  • Participate in activities and attend an online update session at least once every two months
  • Encourage your circles to get involved in CWS efforts (e.g. new members, volunteers, sponsors, donors)
  • Regularly donate (monetary or non-monetary) to CWS
  • Lend your strengths, expertise, experience, assistance to CWS (meetings, events, initiatives, projects, activities etc)
  Member Benefits
  • Opportunities to establish meaningful connections and friendships
  • Belong to a trustworthy and supportive circle
  • Voting privileges
  • Platform to be heard
  • Free workshops and seminars to build on knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Recognition as a CWS “Trailblazers”
  • Board eligibility
  • Committee roles
  • Definitive purpose
  • Uplift your family, friends and community
  • Subsidized lunches at CWS meetings
  • Social activities
  • Subscription to CWS ENews
  • Membership discounts on select programs and events
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